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The Information Security Training and Rating Program (ISATRP) sets the standards for Information Security Assurance services through the information security assurance methodologies (Information Security Assessment Methodology, Information Security Red Team Methodology), trains and certifies individuals in the methodologies, and rates Information Security Assurance organizations through the use of a standard metric Information Security Assurance - Capability Maturity Model (ISA-CMM). The ISATRP then provides this information to consumers so they are better informed when negotiating with Information Security Assurance Providers. An ISATRP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is available here.

To request an ISAM or ISRM security review, , please contact any one of the following Companies:

Or any of the IA-CMM (now ISA-CMM) Rated Companies listed below:

To request an ISA-CMM Appraisal, please contact:
  • Security Horizon: Mr. Ed Fuller at EFuller (at) SecurityHorizon.com
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